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Pursuing Your Wild

As I look back on my life, I’m reminded of all the crazy ideas I’ve had and tried through the years. Even as a kid I was always coming up with goofy ideas and trying to create anything I could possibly think of. In my adult years I’ve had my share of ideas as well. Thank God I have a wife that puts up with all my wild ideas and attempts!

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Here’s the deal. Some of us are so full of the vision of what could be and carry a deep-seated passion to be a positive force in the world that we can’t stop pushing wild ideas. I really believe God gives us these wild spirits and ideas for a purpose. And believe me, they’re often misunderstood, criticized, and even opposed. I’ve lost support from people, lost friendships, disappointed my wife and myself, and even ran into deep financial debt. In the end would I change anything? I really don’t think I would change a single thing. When you have a wild idea, it’s like visualizing a mountain top experience. You start heading for that summit and the climb is HARD. You soon find yourself back in a valley slogging through. False summit after false summit, you start doubting whether it’s all worth it. But something deep inside drives you to keep going. Your wild creative spirit yearns to keep going and hustling as hard as possible to reach the summit that your faith tells you is attainable. So I keep going. Just like I coach my own kids and others in outdoor adventures to keep going, I try following the same advice in life. 


The why behind wildness and these ideas continue motivating me forward. My why’s you ask? 

  1. For one God made me this way and if I didn’t try these crazy ideas, I would go insane. I believe I’m being true to myself by following them as much as I can. 
  2. Second, I want to provide financially for my family. I want to provide for our bills directly from my entrepreneur pursuits and pave a way to spend more time together doing things we love like traveling. This one is tough because my ideas have really struggled to provide profit for us up to this point. Nevertheless I see this as a goal to keep working toward, so it continues motivating me. 
  3. Third, I have a deeply rooted passion to impact this world for good. My core burns to make a difference in areas of injustice across the globe. From needs like addiction recovery to homelessness to human/sex trafficking, these are causes I personally want to do more in spreading hope. So when I’m struggling with a particular area of my entrepreneur life, I think of those out there suffering in deep pain that need God’s help. So hope keeps me going.


So whatever you face right now, remember you are not some weirdo with big ideas that can’t succeed. You are made exactly the way you are supposed to be… full of passion and strength. Dig deep, remember your why and refocus on that summit. Keep climbing and pursuing your wild.

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