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Looking for Summits Motivation

Fueled by a dream.

Why I push so hard with my businesses… Fueled by a dream.

This post is about a little more than just the Looking for Summits brand, but I still think it will serve you. I’ve always had crazy ideas to make this world a better place and provide finances for my family. In 2019 my wife and I decided to go for it. She started the bakery idea she had, and I started my first apparel brand. Through following our dreams, it’s been up and way down and up and down etc.! Since then, I’ve started 2 other apparel brands for a total of 3 brands today in addition to the bakery. 

The Brands

Choose RCVRY raises awareness and breaks down stigma for those that struggle with addiction. Looking for Summits is an adventure brand creating affordable adventure fashion that inspires tackling summits in life and the outdoors. The Alaska Brand is a brand I co-own with my business partner Danika from Girl in Alaska, and we’re focused on building an elevated Alaska travelwear brand. Finally but certainly not least is my wife Laura’s Fireweed BakeShop that uses local Alaska floral and berry ingredients in ways that bring yummy renewal to our community.

Does this all sound a little crazy? Maybe yeah, lol! BUT, it’s the crazy we’re embracing to build dreams, a lifestyle we love, and a legacy for years to come. Our mainstay of “normal” jobs comes through Laura’s nursing and my ministry work where we like to say together we take care of people both physically and spiritually haha! I don’t think these things will ever fully go away from our lives, but really our entrepreneur goals will enable these passions even more. 

When You Have a Dream

When you have a dream and start executing that dream, all of hell will come against you at times. It will indeed feel like hell at times and you’ll think about quitting a thousand times. But my WHY FUELS me… the dream of providing for my family, creating rad things, giving back, and leaving this world a little better are all things that keep me going. These are the things that fuel me. This is my why. God gave me a crazy dreaming mind and by His grace I’m going to keep pushing to make it happen. 

There’s a lot of hell that gets thrown at you, but if you have a dream, NEVER give up on it and keep the faith. You might have to adjust from time to time AND you’ll definitely have to sacrifice big time. Figure out your summit and may all your obstacles be ultimately damned to fail because of the relentless passion and faith to keep going.

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