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Who the Heck Are We?

Dude glad you asked! We're a regular family and other friends here in this epic state of Alaska living life to the fullest. One of my personal types of self-care is time in the outdoors hiking or camping--which I do quite regularly with my fam. So one day we were talking and just decided--what the heck--let's roll with it and make a brand that's all about the very lifestyle we've come to love! Life is all about facing challenges and those challenges also exist in our fitness and outdoor adventures. We seize the day and tackle those summits in life, fitness, and the outdoors. 

There are these teaching moments that I've used with my boys about reaching ridgelines and summits. I teach them to just keep going at their pace but to never just bail. Do your best and put one foot in front of the other and we'll make it to an epic vantage point. That one example continues sticking with them to this day and ultimately that's where the name "Looking for Summits" came from!

We've had previous experience building apparel brands that give back, so we want Looking for Summits to give back as well to important causes of our day!

I also LOVE to collaborate with other friends... so you'll see my friends along the way too! For the brand photography I strive to use real people I know who are living the lifestyle the brands represents. 

Follow along at our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) where we frequently post tips about outdoor adventure life across Alaska as well as product information!

Reach out anytime by throwing us a DM at our social pages or at

- Derek & fam... & friends

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