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Limitless Line

Limitless Line

YOU. HAVE. POTENTIAL. AND IT'S LIMITLESS!! Don't let anyone tell you different.

Derek started this brand along with his boys to showcase adventure and that challenges in life and the outdoors are there for us to tackle and thrive. Rachel came to the brand through a friendship around the same lifestyle. At a low spot in life she struggled with thoughts of suicide, but she came across a post from Looking for Summits. Mountains inspire so many of us, and she related to the message of the brand.

TODAY, she tackles life by raising her kids, pursuing a bodybuilding career, and helping with the summits brand. THIS is the kind of passion behind the Summits brand. 

We launched this LIMITLESS line to inspire others out there that from that dang semi-colon forward to the rest of life... your life is LIMITLESS and your potential is LIMITLESS. So tackle those mountains with all the fierceness you have in you and live this life to its fullest! A portion of sales from the Limitless Line goes to charities working for hope over suicide. 

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