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How to Live an Adventure Life

How to Live an Adventure Life

When I started the Looking for Summits brand, I wanted to capture the essence of the lifestyle my family loves... adventure. 

The word adventure is a noun and means to "engage in an exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory." Adventure is out there, BUT you will not experience it UNLESS you are intentional to do so.

Mountains Exist for a Reason

Around the brand we like to say "Mountains Exist for a Reason." This saying came from hiking Alaska's mountains with my boys. As I challenged myself and them to make it to these ridge-lines, we keep pushing through the valleys and the climbs with the view from the top in our minds. After climbing all over Alaska's Kenai Peninsula and up around Alaska's Hatcher Pass area, one day it hit me. These mountains will always be here, but only those who put in the work will experience the raw beauty from the top. What an invigorating experience hiking and climbing mountains is!

Then the thought widened to more things like fitness and all of life for that matter. Mountains don't just exist to challenge us to physically climb them, but they exist as CHALLENGES in fitness and in all of life as well. Here's the thing... adventure is found by seizing the freaking day and FACING those challenges HEAD ON with fierce, gritty determination to tackle them.


I PROMISE you... WHEN you face those challenges head on and push yourself to tackle them, you WILL EXPERIENCE ADVENTURE that will redefine your life.

So how do you live an adventure life?? Don't avoid challenges. Embrace the suck. Say yes more often. Figure it out. Push yourself. Have more experiences. Do it scared. Let's GOOOO! This is the essence of the adventure life, and THIS IS the essence of the Looking for Summits brand in everything we create. 

- D

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