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Following Your Dreams Will Cost You

Following Your Dreams Will Cost You

Following your dreams will cost you. Whether they be ideas for business or a particular career, or for relationship goals, or aspirations for adventures, travel, outdoorsy stuff, or fitness goals.... following those dreams will cost you something. 

Change is the Biggest Thing

Change is the biggest thing that you'll need to embrace, because it is inevitable. To reach higher versions of yourself, you'll have to leave former versions of yourself behind. 

Unfortunately--but realistically--people around you WILL also change as you change. Some will change with you... or at least embrace those changes and learn to adapt. Others will resist, criticize, and even oppose your change with a fierceness that hurts. 

Learning to Embrace It

The key is learning to embrace change, as hard as that is... and it will be HARD. Sometimes that little 6-letter word (change) will seem like the strongest curse word to you because it is so hard to accept when everything feels so off. And that's the seeming insanity to following your dreams... because it MUST involve change and so often that change HURTS. YET!!!... the other side of that change is beauty. As raw as it is, change brings beauty of a new life or a renewed version of yourself.

These lessons I continue learning as I plow the road set before me in my own dreams. And these lessons my good friend Rachel is also learning as she plows her own path as well. Follow along as we plow this road for the Summits brand and all that is in store in this grand adventure called life.

So push on friends. Your dreams and goals for life, relationships, entrepreneurship, fitness, the outdoors, and whatever else... those dreams are worth the fight and the effort.

- D

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