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Glacier Adventure Travel Alaska Up Close

Glacier Adventure Travel Alaska Up Close

Whether you live in Alaska or you visit here, chances are the town of Seward and nearby Exit Glacier just might make your travel plans!

...AND they should! Glacier adventures are soooo amazing! There's really nothing like standing below this massive mountain of ice!

So Seward is just south of Anchorage and while there is a ton of awesome stuff to explore there, a visit to the area really isn't complete without checking out Exit Glacier. Stopping by the visitor's center there, walking the trails, and exploring the area are all opportunities you get while visiting Exit.

NOTE: There are ropes and signs guiding you along the trail. Signs warn of going beyond the end of the trail. There are expedition companies that can guide you on a phenomenal glacier experience. Exploring beyond these marked areas should not be done without experience and extreme caution. And for the love of life, please don't ever get too close to the edge of a glacier without proper gear and experience. At no time in our YouTube episode were we anywhere near these dropoff sections.

That being said, a visit around Exit is truly an unforgettable experience! There's camping down near the visitors center as well. Oh and the Harding Icefield trail is another awesome hike that will take you way on top to overlook the icefield that feeds Exit Glacier and several others for that matter too! BUT... that's for another episode someday!

- Derek


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