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Welcome to Looking for Summits

Welcome to Looking for Summits

Looking for Summits is all about adventure across Alaska and beyond! SO it only seemed fitting to add a blog to what we're all about.

Here's why--we freaking love adventure. When I say we, I mean my family... me, my wife, and our 2 boys. It's literally the lifestyle we love and breathe every single day and every week (mostly weekends) when we hit the trails, campgrounds, peaks, local spots, and everything in between. Alaska literally has it all. It's here not for the taking, but for the mutual enjoyment.

I've had this nagging idea tucked away for literally 3 years that we decided to finally go for in the summer of 2022. My wife was basically like, dude why don't you just go for it. We talked about the lifestyle we already live and how our boys do some epic mini trips with me when she's not feeling that level of gnarly. So we decided, why the heck not... let's go for it.

I've learned a lot from running another e-commerce brand centered on a mission, but it came time to start an entirely different brand with a much wider focus that all can really get behind. Looking for Summits is for you the adventure-loving people out there who love Alaska and the great outdoors (regardless where you live)!

So welcome to our blog, all about the building of our Alaska Adventure Apparel brand and the lifestyle of adventure we all love!


- Derek ✌️



Looking for Summits

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