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The Secret Behind the Mountains You Face and Why Adventure Matters

The Secret Behind the Mountains You Face and Why Adventure Matters

So I took the hat for a spin the other day Camaro style! Man guys when we say adventure lifestyle and that mountains exist for a reason, we don’t just mean those physical summit experiences.

While I’d be the first to say I LOVE climbing mountains (hence the brand name), Looking for Summits stands for those adventure experiences where you tackle mountains all around you. We all face these every. single. day. From relationship struggles to work conflict or income hardships to an unfulfilled dream or actual loss of some kind, life is FULL of mountains. 

The same thing is true in the outdoors--hear me out. This isn't just some slick marketing jargon that's only skin deep. So many times when I'm facing some epic adventure in the outdoors, I'm challenged and find myself in these scary outside my comfort zone moments. Same thing happens when I'm out hiking with my boys pushing them to some summit or ridgeline. I'm right there next to them telling them they can do this, one foot in front of the other mindset over the struggle. And you know what!? When they (me/you/whoever) get to the top, it's FRIGGIN rad and so worth all that struggle!!

That fusion of human struggle and the euphoria of conquering those struggles in life AND in outdoor adventure is WHAT Looking for Summits EXISTS TO INSPIRE.

So whatever you're doing to bring this into clarity---like me the other day when sitting behind the dash of some sick American muscle, windows down, exhaust pipes blazing, corners flying by as I looked at the Alaska coastline and surrounding mountains, it legit brought a smile across my face! 😎

➡️ So the main point of this post!? Press into adventure even in the little moments—take that lunch break or day off and go for a drive, a walk, a hike, a coffee, camping, fishing or hunting and everything in between—because it’s in those moments that the mountains you face become not just manageable but desirable!

Let’s get it friends!!! Go do something that plasters a smile across your face and tackle those mountains! 🤘

With Rad Vibes,
- Derek


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