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Remembering Why You Started

You ever have an idea you once had and lose sight of it? Maybe you don’t lose it completely, but in the process of pursuing it, things become foggy. Life creeps in.

Voices swirl at us from all directions warring against our own thoughts, goals, and dreams. Slowly they all chip away at our aspirations until our original goals and dreams are a mere visage that’s only skin deep. Built on the foundation now of toothpicks we look back in confusion and despair at what happened to where we thought we’d be by now.

Losing Momentum

Can you relate in your own situation? Life can be like this and we can lose momentum so much that we forget why we do what we do. 

Adventure life in the outdoors can be the same thing. Whaaat? Hear me out. 

Maybe you told yourself you were going to pick up that new skill. Take that new class. Get that certification. Buy that next piece of equipment to do that one thing on that one trip. Book that dang trip for that matter. Make more memories. Face your fears doing that one experience you’ve never done before.

So what the heck happens? Life, distractions, fears, insecurities, stress, busyness etc, etc, etc… all creeps in and chips away at our goals and passions. We let this stuff happen slowly but over time they all build a fortress that keeps us from doing and accomplishing those adventure things. 

Looking Back

Look back at where you’ve come and if there’s a dissonance/disconnect, ask yourself why. Sometimes things legitimately change and that’s ok too. But if you’re not where you legitimately want to be in life or in adventures, then reassess and readjust. It’s ok and actually necessary at times to do so! It’s part of being human.

Re-Aligning Your Goals

For me my work with building the brand can be like this. When I started this thing, the goal was to share our own adventure life as a family. BUT it was also to showcase the raw beauty of this world—and specifically Alaska—in the most epic ways possible. I wanted to share the epic-ness of Alaska through cinematic video and photography. My goal was more than just sell clothes, but to inspire. Life in the mountains and outdoors literally saved my life and there’s so many profound life lessons I get to pass down to my boys through adventure challenges. This drive for adventure, life skills, and endurance mindset is a HUGE part of the summits brand. Then I look back and realize things are slowly slipping from that original goal. So what needs to pivot to make that happen? These are the things I’m realizing fresh and looking at adjusting in myself and my brand. 

I hope this resonates with you on some level!

  • Derek

Looking for Summits

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