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Looking for Summits and friends

Let Your Success Speak for You

I'm thankful for rad new friends I get to keep connecting with and meeting through Looking for Summits as it grows! From content shoots like this one in Girdwood, I love to snap lifestyle stuff for the brand while also laughing and having a blast too!

Something I've thought a lot about lately is how to build a brand in a world of brands. Looking for Summits isn't just an apparel brand, but we're a brand in the adventure apparel space... and not just the adventure apparel space, but the Alaska brand space too. 

It's so easy to worry about what other brands are doing or how my own vision for Looking for Summits will be viewed by others. But at the end of the day it doesn't really matter what others think. What matters is that we're true to ourselves and the path we're laying out before us. 

Looking for Summits Community

Adventuring is also filled with all sorts of opinions and views on how to do such and such. From where to go, to how you present those adventures online, to what gear you use, to what you wear, to your views on the issues of our day and on and on.... there's no shortage of things for people to disagree and just each other! 

So as I grow Looking for Summits, I have all these ideas and continue meeting some really rad people. I LOVE community and collaboration over competition. It's truly way better to help and encourage each other's dreams rather than be divisive and isolated. And that's a HUGE part of how Looking for Summits has grown so far, and hopefully will continue growing in that same collaborative spirit!

Rather than obsessing over what people think, just do the dang thing. Whether you're chasing your dream like me with LFS or just adventuring your own way, LET YOUR SUCESS SPEAK FOR YOU. Rock that confidence and who cares what people think or don't think!


Being real,

- Derek for Looking for Summits

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